4 Glass Murano


Observe, plan, shape: ancient chandeliers in a new light.

Antique again
We love to recreate parts of the past, to the smallest detail.

And this is how we bring old, historical and culturally interesting chandeliers back to their original state: we rebuild missing elements and repair damage suffered over the years.
Siamo specializzati nel restauro di lampadari antichi
Con noi i lampadari antichi di Murano non hanno mai fine
The eye does its bit too.
The first remedy for a classic item which is damaged or incomplete is observation. In our furnace, the item to be refurbished is first and foremost examined minutely.

From the planning stage we continue to the execution itself, beginning with the re-firing of the glass in the furnace and the working of the incandescent material using ancient techniques handed down from the first master glassmakers.
Special projects and decorative objects
Old lamps not only have material value, but cultural value too. Clients coming to us for restoration work know that guiding this there's an essential element which takes care of the immaterial aspect of the piece: harmony. Harmony of colours, shapes and techniques.

This approach allows us to enrich our store of knowledge every day, and use it in special projects too. These are commissioned projects, ranging from chandeliers with dozens of lights to designer objects and decor accessories.